Mike: Oh look it is the Wise Old ManTM from all the Chick Tracts to  laboriously quote the bible and tell us what is what.
Tom: Sort of like a religious Fat Albert?
Mike: Only white.
Crow: And skinny.
Mike: Yeah, and no where near as cool.
Crow: Of course it has to be a man.
Tom: Yeah did you notice that all of the evil ones were women and the only  "good" ones were men?
Mike: Old Jack is having a hard time coming into the 20th century.
Tract: Don't throw them away. Burn them!....
Tom: Burn the books! Burn the books!
Mike: (in a dumb hic voice) Yeah we Christians don't want no books. Them learnin's is hard.
Tom: Hey Mike, can you find the Bible in occult bookstore too?
Crow: And the fake Necronomicon at Waldenbooks?
Tom: (in a fake-preacher voice) And they have bibles in motels  and we all know what goes on there!
Mike: Just ask Jessica Hahn.